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Pad printing machine with shuttle ECO Mod STC 2

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Pad printing machine with shuttle ECO Mod STC 2

Machines with steel frame for print medium sized pieces, 1 and 2 colors.
Equipped with two cups D. 90.
Possibility of mounting cup 01 D. D. 135 and 01 cup 90.
Small elevation to support pieces to be printed, with adjustable height and XY cross movement, and rotation.
Selection of waiting time of printing via the keyboard.
Keyboard with single and automatic cycle counting.
Single-cycle pulse from the keypad or foot pedal.
Transverse movement of the pads.
Group port buffer with cross movement.
Operation of the horizontal and vertical axes electro.
Adjust speed racing and manuals.

- plate size: 100 x 250 mm.
- With cup D. 90
- Diameter of cup: D.90
- The maximum size of print: 80 mm Diam bowl D.90
- Print speed racing around minimum: 1200 pieces / hour
- Air consumption: 150 NL / min
- printing pressure 6 bar: No 1100
- Supply Voltage: Volts 230 / 50 phase
- Dimensions: 600 x 700x 1400
- Weight: 200