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S1 400 Auto

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Automatic screen printing machine
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This series is suitable for mobile phone panels, membrane switch, ceramic decal, metal plates, paper, transfer decals, packaging and signs etc automatic printing.

Details: Sheet automatic screen printing machine, a new model that replaces the flat-lift semi-automatic screen printing machine, and realizes automatic screen printing with automatic feeding, automatic alignment, automatic printing, and automatic reclaiming;
The touch screen control is simple and easy to learn, reducing labor intensity an d technical requirements for operators, allowing the machine to ensure printing speed and accuracy, and achieve a more stable printing effect; It has the advantages of fully automatic machines to save labor and the flexibility of semi-automatic machines in small batches;

1. Motor-driven vertical screen lifting system to prevent any unnecessary ink flow on the screen, small volume of ink
can be printed, micro registration and clean very easily.
2. The printing table is facilitated with X-Y-Z fine pitch registration adjustment with self locking system as well as
vacuum system.
3. The printing stroke is driven by the advanced AC motor. Running on the double parallel high precision Linear
Sliding Guide , step less speed adjustment to ensure smooth movement.
4. It is equipped with auto peel-off system, peel-off angle is variable adjustable, guaranteed the printing quality.
5. The printing stroke and sub-frame are variable adjustable and different sizes of printing frame is acceptable.
6. Protection safety device prevents the worker from damage.
7. All the key elements have been chosen to ensure maximum durability even for intensive use.
8. Customized control panel, easy to operate & understand.
9. Touch screen panel is optional.

Model S1 400-5065 S1 400-4560 S1 400-8060 S1 400-1280
Max printing size 500*650mm 450 x 600mm 800 x 600mm 1200 x 800mm
Printing speed Max. 900 cycle /h Max.1100 cycle/h Max.1000 cycle/h Max.900 cycle/h
Max frame size 750x1030mm 750 x 1000mm 900 x 1200mm 1100 x1500mm
Printing pressure - 0 ~ 95kgf 0 ~ 95kgf 0 ~ 95kgf
Printing precision 0.05mm 0.03mm
Printing material thickness 0-1mm 0 ~ 30mm
Air pressure 0.4 - 0.6MPA 6kgf/cm2
DPI DG Printing