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S1-300 Special

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The S1-300 Special is an automatic screen printing machine, perfect for printing on all rigid and flexible materials.
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S1-300 Special is an automatic screen printing machine that offers advanced performance. With pneumatic squeegee-rakel exchange, adjustable frame holder bars for off-contact printing, and pneumatic frame clamping, it ensures precise and high-quality printing. The independent print speed adjustment via the user-friendly touch display allows easy and precise process control. Moreover, its compatibility with Industry 4.0 makes this machine ready to be integrated into smart and interconnected production systems.

Technical data
Power consumption: 4.5KW
Power supply: 230-400 Volts
Maximum printing format: 2000x600 mm
Maximum frame thickness: 35 mm
Maximum printing thickness: 130 mm
Pneumatic supply: 6Bar

Length: 1700mm
Width: 3000mm
Height: 1700mm