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S1-300 Ribbons special 2C

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S1-300 Ribbons SPECIAL: automatic screen printing machines for printing on fabric ribbons and plastic.
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The S1-300 Special is a screen printing machine wich can print from one to four tapes in monochrome or one tapes in duotone.
Tapes can be either tissue or syntetic material.

Weight 650 Kg
Power 13.5 Kw
Voltage 400-240 V 50 Hz
machine amperage 32 A
Nr. coils 1 duotone - 4 monochrome
Max colis height 100 mm
Max coils 4 coils 30 mm height
Print size: 330 x 200 mm
Screen size: 550 x 400 mm
Dimensions ( without coils support )
Width 3300 mm
Depth 800 mm
Height 1650 mm