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Beled 600

Stampante uv led flat bed Beled 600

Formato stampa: 
Specifiche Tecniche: 

Max material thickness : 300 mm
Printheads : 8-color channel piezo printheads, inkjet multilevel tecnology
Ink : UV led CMYK + White + gloss varnish (with in pressure recirculation)
Drying system: UV Led lamps of new generation.
Sincro print : Thanks to system you will be able to print white and color in one pass with significant speed advantage.
IRS (Ink recirculation system) An innovative system allow the printer to increase performance thanks to a constant recirculation of white ink that avoid creation of sediment and clogging of the nozzles in the head after long periods of inactivity.
PHPC ( Print Head Position Control ): The PHPC system produces uniform prints and assures that the head installed in the printer is protected, by constantly checking the position.
Interfaces: Usb 2.0 or ethernet RJ45


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Telefono: +39 0422 798493